Route 2 Diner

About Us

England to Island

We at Route 2 Diner, are a close knit group, comprised of our own family and staff.

As owners, Amanda and Ian have made it their mission to incorporate traditional English food with Canadian favourites and make a place everybody enjoys.

     "Hailing from Eastern London, we moved to Canada nine years ago. As a truck-driver, no place felt like home until we reached the Maritimes.      

     Now that we are here on Island, we've settled down with our family and love it. We are looking forward to our tenth year in Canada.

     We have three children that help us out here at the Diner, our eldest is Matthew, and we have two daughters Gabrielle and Jessica, they help out when they're not busy with schooling."

Why not come meet the family and enjoy some great food at the same time?